Getting Started


An initial free consultation of up to 1.5 hours is offered to provide the prospective client with an estimate of both possible success and cost.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire where you should try to provide as much information as possible on what is already known about your family.

This will avoid unnecessary time spent on duplicating any known facts.


We will send you by email a questionnaire to complete with the information you already have on your family.  This saves you paying for us to find out information which is already in your possession.

Once you have returned the form, we will carry out some preliminary searches to ensure that there is a good starting point and to assess the feasibility for further research.  This service is free (see Free consultation above). 

Initially we would progress our research back to 1837.

It must be noted that availability of information is not guaranteed.  In some cases sheer lack of records means that it is impossible to progress further.  However, should this happen then we will immediately inform you.

Progressing back further to maybe the 1600’s would involve searching back through parish and non-parochial registers which can be quite time consuming and may not be fruitful.  Being in Cornwall we have easy access to the Cornwall Records Office which has a substantial number of records.  However, many records from 1600 -1800 have not survived; therefore extensive searching may draw a blank.  If you require this area of research it is to be expected that an expense may be incurred with nothing to show, however we would discuss the probability prior to any work being carried out.

Should it be that there is no further information available and it would not be viable to continue, then the client may request that the project end, or alternatively seek different areas of research. 

Project times can vary depending upon ease of research and availability of information.  During the research period you will be kept abreast of progress.