Feedback from Clients

We are always delighted to receive feedback from our clients, whether it is a simple ‘thank you’ for the research we have carried out for you,  a written testimonial, or a recommendation to a friend.

Word of mouth is by far and away the best form of advertising.

At Cornish Ancestry we  really do enjoy what we do and  we get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when we our clients tell us how thrilled they are with our research and findings, and that emotional moment when we can show a client where their ancestors were born and lived so that they become real characters instead of just a name in your family history.  

Marilyn dedicated herself to researching two topics for me and came up with the information very quickly and with far more detail than I expected.

Les Merton

Independent Writing and Editing Professional, Palores Publications

“Wow! I was not expecting this”.     

Anon - USA


This “maid” is astounded, and the current generations will be fascinated….   for generations to come”.  Tears of joy and wonder.  1777 and prior! Wow”.


Thank you… that clears up a number of questions – especially in relation to the Sojourners – and this will now enable me to explain more fully in the “Family History” what it actually meant.   


Again, I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done to help.  It’s been so nice to have a “connection” in the UK.  You’ve been wonderful.   


Wow! You’re good! That fills in another piece of the puzzle, thanks so much!   


I love that 1841 newspaper article!   A fascinating bit of family history. 


 Wow this is so fantastic.  I never met my grandmother’s family….