Bespoke Research Prices


Costs are always controlled by you – you can have as much or as little as your budget allows at the time. 
Revisiting and adding onto the research is therefore an option when future funds are available.


We charge an hourly rate of £20 per hour. You may stipulate a value for your research session, for example; £50, £100, £500, etc.

Once your monetary limit has been reached we will inform you of the complete research to date.  We can then discuss if, and how, you would wish to proceed.  Options could be to cease research and receive the written report to date, engage further research, maybe progress a particular line of research, or alternatively place on hold until such time as you wish to continue – the decision is yours to make.

All through the research you will be kept fully informed by email.

Certificates and other Documentation – Charged at cost price

All certificates and documentation which have to be purchased from a third party will be obtained and charged at cost price e.g. BMD (Birth, Marriage, Death) certificates from the General Records Office or local Registry Office.


If you wish to obtain any documents from the Cornwall Records Office and you are not able to visit yourself we can obtain these for you. We will need from you as much information as you can supply, for example film or reference numbers. This will be discussed in an initial, free consultation.

Our cost for this service is £10 travel fee plus £10 per hour spent at the Cornwall Records Office. Fees include a print or photocopy of the documents where possible or a transcript where a copy may be restricted.

Extended Research

Research can be extended to:-

  • Searching for and obtaining death records, military service records, immigration records, wills and probate documents, occupational records, etc. (where available). The documents will be charged at cost.
  • Digital copies of any photographs of ancestors (where available and with the permission of the owners).
  • Photographs can be taken of your ancestors’ gravestones and the church (where available). Electronic links appertaining to the Church/churchyard may be provided to provide further information for the family. Flowers can be provided at cost and placed on the grave prior to taking the photograph.
  • Photographs can be taken of your ancestor’s homes – where they were born/grew up/died (provided the property is still there).
  • Alternatively, current photographs of the area can be taken to show where in Cornwall they lived.

A PDF copy of the research report and family tree is provided to distribute as you wish.

GEDCOM files can be supplied at a cost of £35.

Should you wish to have the findings compiled into a bound book to hand down to future generations, then this can be arranged at additional cost.  Various options are available to suit every budget.