Visits to Cornwall - Tailored Packages

Make the most of your visit to Cornwall


Many people from various countries come to Cornwall to visit the land of their forefathers, as Cornwall produced many miners, farmers, carpenters, fishermen and missionaries who travelled all over the world.  They settled in such places as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Africa to name a few, bringing with them much needed skills and knowledge in order to shape these “new countries”. 

For those of you wanting to take your journey back into your family’s past further and actually come to “the old country” that is Cornwall,  to see for yourself, first hand, where your family originated,  we can provide the following assistance at a reasonable cost, to ensure that you make the most of your time here: 

  • Using the research already established we can assist in finding accommodation in the area where your ancestor lived. Whether it be a hotel, guest house or country pub – you can ensure that your precious time in Cornwall is not spent travelling miles looking for “the right place”. All we would need is an idea of your budget together with dates/duration of stay. We would then supply you with suggestions of accommodation by email and links to the relevant sites to enable you to choose where you would like to stay. If you so wish, we can make the bookings for you;
  • We can provide a map marked with the various places your ancestors lived and worked to make visiting the right villages, towns, etc., easy; 
  • If we have acquired information through our research into where your ancestors are buried we can arrange to take you to the graveyard and if required, obtain flowers for the grave. 
  • If required, we can provide a guide to assist you or maybe provide you with a historical talk about the period you are researching. Please provide details for a tailored quote and note that this may not be available to coincide with your visit, however we shall do our best to accommodate your request. 

Charges for any of the above services are based on an hourly rate for the job plus any materials or price of guides/speakers at cost.